As many as you like! Just keep in mind that adding too many gates might annoy your audience and make them less likely to return. The important part is getting their email address, which happens automatically.

Here are all your options:

Some tips about Gates:

  • If you’d like the fan to be able to choose between two actions, put the actions in the same Step
  • If you’d like the fan to complete all the actions, put each action in a separate Step

Here's an example:

In the above example, the user first joins your contact list (and you grab their email - which is the most important part!).

Step 2 lets them choose between following you on SoundCloud or Facebook. 

Step 3 gets them to follow you on Twitter. 

Note: Any of these steps can be made optional. We recommend this as the most important part is – you guessed it – adding their email to your contact list, which is complete after Step 1.

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