Logging in

There’s a login button in the top right corner of our home page. You can also navigate directly to www.hive.co/dashboard.

Managing multiple brands from one Hive.co account

You can manage as many brands as you’d like from one Hive.co account. 

Create a new Brand Profile by clicking the + New Brand button in the top left corner of the dashboard.

You can switch between brand profiles by clicking All Brands, also in the top left corner.

Adding new team members to Hive.co 

There are a couple of ways to add team members to Hive.co as admins - each with different roles & permissions. 

Adding Account Wide Admins

Account wide admins can see all of the brand profiles in your account. 

You can add and manage these members by clicking the Settings icon in the bottom left corner and then selecting Edit Organization Details. There’s also a quick add option in the bottom of the left navigation bar at all times (Invite to Hive.co). 

Adding Brand-Specific Admins

You can also add admins to one specific brand profile. These people will be limited to accessing that brand profile only. 

You can do this by clicking Edit Brand in the left sidebar when looking at a specific brand in your dashboard. At the bottom of this page you’ll see the option to add and remove brand admins.

You can also manage all of your Brand-Specific Admins from the bottom of the edit organization details page, located in your settings. 

Connecting data sources

The first thing you’ll want to do when you add a new brand to Hive is connect data sources to the profile, so we can start backfilling contacts and audience data and generating reports.

There are a few types of data sources that can be connected to Hive. The more you connect, the more you’ll get out of the product. 

Connecting Email Sources 

Think of your Hive contact list as a socially powered CRM - giving you one central database that overlays millions of social data points on top of your email list. 

This helps you understand your contacts like never before and create new segments based on hundreds of characteristics - from location and demographics, to more advanced social behaviors and interests. 

We do some minor “contact enrichment” automatically when you import any email list. We can also do more comprehensive enrichment on request, which you can read about here

To connect your email sources, click Edit Brand Details in the sidebar > Connect Data Sources

Here you’ll find the option to import email lists via CSV or connect your MailChimp accounts directly.

Your imported contacts can be found by clicking Contacts in the sidebar.

Connecting Online Stores

Connecting your online stores to Hive gives you the same contact enrichment mentioned in the previous section, on your purchaser list. This lets you analyze the social behavior of the people buying from you. 

Which specific social content is driving people to buy? Are certain engagement actions on Instagram correlated to sales? What other pages do your customers engage with online? Answer these questions and more by layering Hive’s social data on top of your commerce data. 

To connect your stores, click Edit Brand in the sidebar > Connect Data Sources. Here you’ll find the option to connect Shopify and Eventbrite. 

We can also import your purchasing data via CSV and are happy to build new integrations for other ecommerce platforms on request.

Connecting Social Networks

Hive lets you analyze the people engaging with a brand across various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. From simple follower counts, to the locations and demographics of your followers. 

To connect your social pages, simply go to the dashboard of any given brand profile and you’ll see the option to connect all of your networks in the Total Followers bar. 

You can also edit your connected accounts by clicking Edit Brand Details in the sidebar and then Connect Social Networks.

Capture Campaigns

With Capture Apps, you can create campaigns like Contests, Downloads, Signup Forms, and Polls. You get an email address (and more!) for each new contact that enters a campaign. 

You can find helpful FAQs on these tools here.

Contact List

You can filter and tag your contacts by location, gender, engagement, and more. Navigate to Contacts in your sidebar, then add filters to segment your list by specific things you’re interested in. Once you’ve filtered your contacts, tag them to keep track of that segment for future campaigns.

Check out this FAQ on tagging contacts for more info.

Email Tools

You can create emails templates, send emails to targeted segments, and see what actions your fans are taking on emails with Hive. 

Check out these FAQs on sending email campaigns for more info.

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