A welcome series is an easy way to:

  1. Introduce subscribers to your brand
  2. Set expectations for your email marketing
  3. Set the habit of engaging with your emails, right off the bat

Create Welcome Series Templates

Click Templates in the left sidebar. Choose any of the Featured Templates > Duplicate Template to edit them, or click + New Email Template to design your own from scratch.

Create one template or a set, depending on how many steps you want your welcome series to include.

Set Up A Welcome Series Email Journey

Now that you have your welcome series template(s), you're ready to set up your email journey.

  1. Click Email Journeys in the left sidebar >  + New Email Journey
  2. Choose a title for your journey (e.g. Welcome Series)
  3. Under When A User Does This, choose Enters Segment > New Subscribers
  4. Choose the delay before the first email sends (e.g. one hour)
  5. Choose your first welcome series template
  6. Add additional steps by clicking the green + button (like follow ups after 1 week and 2 weeks) or click Save Email Journey to create a one-step journey

You're finished! Your new subscribers will receive an email or series of emails from you when they sign up for your list.

Need some tips? This blog post outlines everything you should be thinking of when crafting your welcome series: Step-By-Step Guide to Creating A Welcome Series.

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