Connect Your Shopify Store

To create an browse abandonment email journey with Hive, first connect your Shopify store.

  1. Click Settings in the bottom left corner > Connect Data Sources
  2. Type in Your Store Name in the field and click Connect

Create a Browse Abandonment Email Template

Click Templates in the left sidebar. Choose the Featured Templates with the eye icon > Duplicate Template to edit it, or click + New Email Template to design your own from scratch.

Use the Abandoned Order Items block in your template to pull the items the customer browsed into your email journey. The abandoned order items block will pull in the last items the customer browsed (up to 25 items). You can add columns to your template to incorporate browse abandoned items and product recommendations in the same row.

Set Up a Browse Abandonment Email Journey

Now that you have your browse abandonment template, you're ready to set up your email journey.

  1. Click Email Journeys in the left sidebar >  + New Email Journey
  2. Choose Browse Abandonment - this automatically creates a one-step abandoned cart email journey that you can customize
  3. Customize the journey title
  4. Add new rules to select which customers will enter and continue in the journey
  5. Customize the delay before the email sends (e.g. one hour)
  6. Choose your subject line, preview text, and template
  7. Add additional steps by clicking the green + button (like additional reminders) 

You're finished! Your customers will receive an email reminder from you if they browse products without making a purchase.

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