Connect Your Shopify Store (if trying to re-engage past purchasers)

  1. Click Settings in the bottom left corner > Connect Data Sources
  2. Type your store name in the Shopify field and click Connect

Create Winback Series Template(s)

  • Click Templates in the left sidebar
  • Choose any of the Featured Templates > Edit Template to edit them, or click + New Email Template to design your own
  • Create one or more templates, depending on how many steps you want your winback series to include

Set Up A Winback Series Email Journey

Now that you have your winback series template(s), you're ready to set up your email journey.

  1. Click Email Journeys in the left sidebar
  2. Under Default Email Journeys (Shopify must be connected), View & Customize the Customer Winback journey, or click + New Email Journey > Customer Winback or Build-It-Yourself Email Journey
  3. Choose a title for your journey (e.g. Winback Series)
  4. Click Entry Trigger, select: Segments > Enters Segment > Needs Some Love, or E-commerce > Completed Order > Customer Hasn't Placed Order In A While
  5. Click to edit Journey Settings (cog icon beside journey name) or Global Rules 
  6. Click + Time Delay to choose the delay before the first email sends (e.g. 45 days)
  7. Click + Email and select your first welcome series template
  8. Add additional steps by clicking the green + button (like follow ups after 1 week and 2 weeks) or click Save Email Journey to create a one-step journey

You're finished! Your subscribers will receive an email or series of emails from you when they have not purchased or opened any of your emails in awhile.

Need some tips? Read more about how to create an engaging winback series in our blog.

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