When you import any data into Hive, our software searches publicly available data sources to fill the gaps in your contact list. More info here: What is a contact profile?

Contact enrichment goes above and beyond what happens when you first import your contacts. Using proprietary sources, Hive gives you more information about your contacts, like name, location, age, and social handles.

This is an additional service on top of your monthly or yearly Hive subscription because of the associated data processing costs.

Here are the average match rates*:

  • First/last name for > 60% of contacts
  • Gender for > 50% of contacts
  • Location for > 20% of contacs
  • Minimum 1 social handle for > 50% of contacts (Twitter or Instagram)

You're only invoiced for data that's found on the contacts in your list. Get in touch with us at hello@hive.co for a quote.

Not sure if contact enrichment is right for your business? Take a look at these blog posts for more information on its applications:

*Benchmarks and averages vary depending on your list.

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