When someone signs up for your mailing list via a signup form or a signup page, they're giving you permission to email them. Double opt-in is a two-step version of creating a signup form/page.

Adding Double Opt-in to Your Sign up Form

1) After creating your sign up form, create an email automation using the sign up form as the entry trigger.

  • In the left sidebar, click Email Automations > New Email Automation > Build Your Own

  • To set the entry trigger, click Entry Trigger > Email Capture Apps > Signs Up via a Sign Up Form

  • Choose the correct sign up form from the drop down and click Save Trigger

2) After configuring the global rule(s), time delay and email details, edit the email template to include a double opt-in link.

  • When configuring the email details, click Custom Template > Add Template and select the template you'd like to use

  • In the template editor, click or insert the button you'd like to link as the double opt in

  • In the righthand sidebar that populates when clicking the button, copy and paste the following double opt-in merge tag:
    {{ user.double_opt_in_url|redirect_to:'YOURURL.com' }} as the URL action.

  • In that merge tag, replace YOURURL.com with the website you'd like to redirect your subscribers to after they click the button to opt-in.

  • Click Save Template

  • Save the email automation and set it live.

Now everyone who clicks on that button will be considered double-opted-in in Hive!

Adding Double Opt-in to Your Sign up Page

After creating and saving a signup page, you'll be automatically re-directed to your automations page, where you can customize the follow up email that your subscribers receive to double opt-in.

  • Click Customize Email Automation to edit your own template, or click Continue to use the default follow up email template created by Hive.

Customize Your Own Template

  • If you choose to customize your own template, delete the default follow up email automation step.

  • Click on Default Follow Up Email > Delete

  • Follow the steps in step 2) above to customize your own template.

Use the default follow up email template

  • If you choose to use the default follow up template, in the lefthand sidebar of the dashboard click Signup Forms > Click the signup page you created > Edit Signup Form

  • Scroll down and click Show Advanced Options on your sign up page editor.

  • Scroll down and check the option Double Opt-in Signups. By checking this opt-in box, an opt-in link is automatically generated for you within the default follow up template.

  • Once subscribers click this link, they'll automatically be double opted-in!

Here's the final process for double opt-in via a signup form/signup page:

  • The user submits their email through the signup form

  • They receive an email with a link to confirm their subscription

  • When they click the link in the email, they're added to your mailing list

  • To view who is double opted-in, click Contact List > View All Filters > Email Engagement and Subscriptions > Double Opted-In

Double Opt-in Benefits:

  • Mitigates the risk of people entering typos or invalid email addresses - only email addresses that can receive emails will be added to your list

  • Protection against spambots, email scams, and fake subscribers

  • Confirmation that your subscribed contacts want to hear from you

  • Higher open rates for future campaigns, lower bounce and unsubscribe rates

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