When you import data from Shopify, MailChimp, Eventbrite or .CSV files, a few things happen to give you a smarter CRM:

  • Email addresses that are invalid or outdated are flagged in your contact list so you’re not sending email campaigns that bounce
  • Any duplicate contacts are synced into one contact profile
  • Hive searches online sources of publicly available data to fill in your profiles with fields like full name, gender, location, and age (giving you a better ability to segment!)

Once your data is synced, you can jump into a profile by clicking Contact List in the left sidebar > the name of any of your contacts to see detailed data, like:

Name and Photo

Contact Info


Demographic Info


Social Networks

Online Interactions

Having all this data about each of your customers allows you to use Hive's segmentation tools to effectively target email campaigns.

Here's more info: How do I send an email?

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