When you import contacts to Hive, they're automatically filtered into four default Live Segments that you can use to get more insight into your customers and to create email automations. Live Segments automatically update as your contacts match or unmatch the filters set for them.

Each default Live Segment is set up using specific filters:

  1. Active Subscribers: Contacts who engaged (i.e. opened an email) with any of the last 5 emails they received
  2. New Subscribers: Contacts who haven't yet engaged, but received less than 5 emails
  3. At-Risk Subscribers Contacts who haven't engaged recently and received at least 5 emails
  4. Inactive Subscribers: Contacts who haven't engaged with any of the last 10+ emails they've received

Where to Find Live Segments

You can find them right on your Hive dashboard.

Or check them out in the Segments page in the Subscriber Engagement folder.

You can also find them in the Contact List filter: Email Engagement Level.

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