Hive integrates directly with Zapier, letting you sync contacts from any of their supported apps by creating a Zap. Click here to check out Zapier's list of supported apps.

You can follow this link to be invited to use Zapier with Hive:

How to Create a Zap

Example: Creating a Zap with the Privy App

A Zap is what connects Zapier's supported apps to Hive. This example explains how to create a Zap with Privy, but other apps you use to collect emails work similarly.

1. Once you've accepted the invite, click the Make a Zap! button on the Zapier Dashboard.

2. Choose the Privy app from the 'Choose a Trigger App' dropdown.

3. Choose the New Sign-Up Trigger, which triggers when someone signs up via a Privy campaign.

4. Click Connect an Account to connect Zapier to Privy. You'll be prompted to log in to Privy (if you aren't already) and allow Zapier to access data.

5. Once connected, click Continue. Then click Fetch & Continue to pull in sample contacts from Privy.

6. If everything is working, you'll see a Test Successful! message. Make sure your trigger integration is all set before moving on to the next step.

7.  Now the good part. From the dropdown in Choose Action App, choose Then select Add/Update Contact and click Save + Continue.

8. Click Connect an Account. You'll be prompted to log into Hive (if you aren't already), then asked to give permission to Zapier to access your Hive account.

Once you've given permission, click Save + Continue.

9. Select the brand you'd like to sync contacts to. Once you select a brand, you'll be able to select segments to add your new contacts to.

10. Select an existing segment to add incoming contacts to, or choose Use a Custom Value to enter the name of a new segment or merge in a value from the Trigger (in the image below, you can see we used the Campaign Title 'Newsletter Signup' as the new segment).

11. Fill out the remaining fields with their corresponding values from Privy using the Insert Field button on the right of the field.

When all your fields have been filled out, click Continue.

12. Clicking Send Test to Hive will send the sample contact to Hive. You'll see it in your Contact List, in the segment you added to, and in the automatically created Zapier segment. Once you click Finish, all that's left is to name your Zap and turn it on!

All Done!

New signups via Privy will now sync automatically into Hive. If you have any questions, get in touch with us at

If you haven't already, try it out now!

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