Creating a Signup Form

  • Click Signup Forms in the left sidebar
  • Click the + New Signup Form button in the top right corner
  • Click the Choose button under Signup Form
  • Now you’ll be able to select the fields that appear on your form. The right side of the page will automatically update with a preview of your form. 

Signup Form Details

Here you can name your form, edit the layout, title text, and form fields. 

Add to Segment(s)

Choose what segment(s) you want to add new signups to in the Add to Segment(s) section by clicking add. This will not appear on your form, but will show up as a new segment or be added to an existing one. 

Tip: To add users to a segment that already exists in your Hive account, type in the name of the segment exactly as it appears in Hive (case and character sensitive).

Opt-in Segments (Optional)

You can customize the interest/preference segments your customers are added to by clicking add to add new segments or X to delete the default segments. These appear on your form as checkboxes. When new signups check the boxes, they’ll be added to the corresponding Segments in your Hive account.

Success Message Details

Lastly, you can edit the Success Message that appears when customers successfully enter their email. 

To preview this screen, toggle the button at the top of the form preview to Success Message

Once you’ve customized your form, click Save & Get Embed Code in the top right corner. This generates the HTML code for you to copy and paste into your site. 

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