Connect Your Shopify Store

To create a Winback email journey with Hive, first connect your Shopify store.

  1. Click Settings in the bottom left corner > Connect Data Sources
  2. Type your store name in the Shopify field and click Connect

Create Winback Series Template(s)

  • Click Templates in the left sidebar
  • Choose any of the Featured Templates
  • Hover over the template and click the Actions button > click Edit Copy of Template
  • Or click + New Email Template to design your own
  • Create one or more templates, depending on how many steps you want your winback series to include

Set Up a Winback Series Email Journey

Now that you have your winback series template(s), you're ready to set up your email journey.

  • Click Email Journeys in the left sidebar, click + New Email Journey¬†
  • Choose Customer Winback email journey
  • Click green settings gear beside Customer Winback to set how often the customer can re-enter the journey¬†
  • Click the orange checkmark to add additional optional Global Rules - how the customers will enter and continue in the journey
  • Then click the blue clock icon to set the delay before the first email sends (e.g. 45 days)
  • Click the pink email icon to select your subject line, preview text, and template
  • Add additional steps by clicking the green + button (like follow-ups after 1 week and 2 weeks) or click Save Email Journey to create a one-step journey

You're finished! Your subscribers will receive an email or series of emails from you when they have not purchased or opened any of your emails in a while.

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