Hive is an email marketing CRM that helps brands sell more while keeping their customers happy and engaged.

We make it easy for brands to segment and target their customers based on relevant attributes, automate email marketing campaigns, and send more timely, engaging emails.

Hive's Highlights

πŸ€“ Send smarter email

It’s easy to target your most relevant customers with each email campaign. You can segment by engagement, location, demographics, purchase history, and browsing behavior. Hive helps you become the brand that sends emails your customers care about.

🀩 Automation without the guesswork

With simple set-up for abandoned cart, browse abandonment, and winback email automations, Hive configures the basic email automations for you. If you need a little something extra, you can set custom parameters.

😍 Segmentation made simple

Hive gives you the freedom to organize your list, any way you want, without increased costs. Segment by purchase history, browsing behaviour, email engagement, demographics, and more.

😎 Your extended email marketing team

You'll get your own dedicated Hive account manager who cares about the relationships you build with customers. Want help fine-tuning your email marketing strategy? You’ve got it.

Getting Started

πŸ’Œ Creating an Account

You can create an account and start your free 10 day trial anytime by heading to

To learn what Plan is best for you, head over to our Plan & Pricing page!

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Adding Organization Admins and Brand Admins

Organizations Admins are admins that have access to all brands under the organization's Hive account. To learn more, check out How to Add a New Organization Admin.

Brand Admins are admins that only have access to specific brands under the organization's Hive account. To learn more, check out How to Add a New Brand Specific Admin.

Have multiple brands and team members? Check out How to Manage Multiple Brands.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Logging in

There’s a login button in the top right corner of the home page. You can also navigate directly to

πŸŽ‰ Getting your Contacts into Hive

All of the contact and customer data from your connected apps and imported CSVs will be added to your Hive contacts. Hive gives you richer, more complete profiles than your average email tool. To learn more check out How to Import Contacts.

πŸ™Œ Connecting Data

To get the most out of your account, connect Hive to the other marketing apps you use, like Mailchimp, Shopify, and Eventbrite.

πŸ† Start Sending Smarter Email

Ready to start sending smarter email? Take a look at How to Send Email!

Any questions?

Email us: or click the circle messaging icon in the bottom right corner of your dashboard to instant message someone on our team!

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