A/B Test Campaigns let you test multiple variants of an email, so you can optimize your email strategy for engagement (e.g. opens and clicks).

You can test:

  • Subject Line

  • Preview Text

  • "From" Name

  • Email Template

To Create a New A/B Test Campaign

  • Click Email Campaigns in the left sidebar

  • Select A/B Test Campaign

  • Choose Recipients (Note: for an effective A/B Test Campaign, we recommend sending to at least 5,000 recipients)

  • Choose Engagement Levels

  • Set a Campaign Name and Time to Send

Next, you'll set the specifics for the variants.

To Configure the First Variant

For each variant, you can choose to change any of the following variables. 

  • Variant Name (only shown internally)

  • "From" Name" and the prefix of your "From" Email Address

  • Subject 

  • Preview Text

Next, choose and customize your Template. This template with automatically be copied over to your second variant, where you can make changes to test template-specific variables.

Lastly, you'll see the Deliverability Rating for your variant. This step provides suggestions so you can optimize each variant for the best deliverability.

Click Save & Add Variant to configure the details of your second variant. To specifically test one part of your campaign, for example, the subject line, only change the subject line in the second variant. 

Once you've configured the second variant, you can choose to add another variant following the same steps, or Confirm & Send your A/B Test Campaign.

Here you'll see the details of your overall campaign and each individual variant.

That's it, you're ready to send! Click Confirm & Send Campaign to send the A/B Test Campaign immediately, Confirm & Schedule Campaign to send it in the future, or Save as Draft to save the draft to come back to later.

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