You can create segments on the following pages:

  • Segments

  • Contact List

  • Import Contacts

Creating Segments from the Segments Page

1. Click Segments in the left sidebar and click + New Segment

2. Select whether you want to create a Live Segment or a Static Segment.

Note: A live segment captures all of the subscribers that match your filters right now, and in the future. A static segment captures subscribers that match filters right now. Subscribers can only be manually added or removed from this type of segment.

3. Name the segment, select the filter(s) you want to apply, then click Save Segment.

Creating Segments from the Contact List

1. Click Contact List in the left sidebar, then View all filters...

2. Select the filter(s) and click Apply Filters to filter the contact list. 

Note: When applying multiple filters, you can select either the logic AND or OR for the entire query.

  • Choosing AND means that the subscriber must apply to all filters.

  • Choosing OR means any subscriber who applies to any of the filters.

3. Click Segment at the top of the page to create a segment based on the filters you applied to your contact list.

Creating Segments from Import Contacts

From the Import Contacts page, you can import contacts into a static segment by manually uploading a CSV file.

1. Click Choose File and type in the Segment Name. You can import into an existing segment by matching the segment name exactly in the text box!

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