Your contact list includes hundreds of filters that helps you build segments to send specific marketing campaigns to.

To search through your contact list, click Contact List in the left sidebar > View all filters.

You're able to combine multiple filters when conducting a more complex search of your contact list. Sometimes when using multiple filters, you'll want to include one group in the search but specifically exclude a specific subset that group.

For example, you want to see which contacts live in the United States so you can email them on Memorial Day, but because we recommend that you don't regularly blast your inactive subscribers, you want to exclude them from that search.

To do this, click view all filters > location > country. Now that the filter you want to include in the search is selected, toggle the parameter to users who live in and type in "United States".

To exclude inactive subcribers from the search, click view all filters > popular filters > segment. Toggle the parameter to users who AREN'T in the and then choose the inactive subscribers segment from the drop down.

Note: Make sure to have the "AND" parameter toggled on so that the search needs to satisfy both filters.

This combination will filter your contact list for those who live in the United States while specifically excluding inactive subscribers. From there, you can add these contacts directly to a segment, or send them an email right away.

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