Email journey splits let you take journeys one step further. After you set up an initial trigger, you can split the journey into two distinct flows for customers who match certain conditions you choose.

Find out how to create an email journey here.

How To Add an Email Journey Split

  • On the Email Journeys page, click the + > Split.

In the left sidebar, you'll be able to define your split conditions.

  • Enter the name of the split that will appear internally in your journey.
  • To set up the conditions of the split, click Add a Condition. A condition is the action a customer takes that will determine which path of the journey they'll flow through.
  • There are hundreds of different conditions to choose from that will allow you to create personalised paths depending on a customer's action.

Note: You can add as many conditions as you'd like

  • Once you have chosen the split conditions, click Save Split

  • Once you have chosen your time delay and set up your email, you have the option to split the journey once again into two distinct paths. For example, those who made a purchase after receiving the first email, and those who didn't.

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