• To use Hive's pre-built email automations, click Email Automations on the left sidebar of your dashboard and then click +New Email Automation.

  • Choose from one of many pre-built automations, including welcome emails, abandoned cart automations, and win-back campaigns!

Note: Don’t see pre-built automations when you click ‘+New Email Automation’ in Hive? Make sure you have an ecommerce or events platform connected.

  • You can use the pre-built steps, or reconfigure your own by customising your entry trigger, global rules and time delay.

  • Click Email to choose your template.

Note: Not sure what your template should include? Each pre-built automation has an example template with the corresponding content blocks and tips to make an engaging template.

  • Click Save Email in the bottom left to save any updates.

  • Add any additional steps (i.e; follow up emails) by clicking the + or click Save Email Automation to create a one-step automation

  • Click the toggle in the top right beside Paused to set your automation live!

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