The event block in Hive’s template editor lets you drag-and-drop information (such as event name, venue, date, etc) directly from your events on Eventbrite or other integrated ticketing platforms.

To use the events block, simply drag and drop the Events content block into the template editor. From there, you can choose which events you'd like to include, and customise the fonts or colours to represent your brand!

Note: The Events content block will only populate if you have connected your ticketing platform to Hive

Use the Same Formatting for Multiple Event Blocks

Save time by duplicating event blocks, which copies over your formatting from previous blocks so all you'll need to do is click the "Change Event" button to select a new event!

To duplicate an event block, hover over the events content block you've formatted in your template, and select the "duplicate" icon in the bottom right corner.

Change the Layout of the Event

To change the layout of an event, click on the event block on your template.

In the right sidebar that appears under Layout, you can choose how the event block will look on your template from the dropdown.

Make the layout of the event vertical, horizontal, or simply only text.

Create a Line List of Events

To quickly & easily create a list of events, drag & drop the event block in and select your event. Click into the event, in the sidebar, click the drop-down under Layout, select horizontal minimal.

Format the event block to your liking. Click back into the event block and click the blue duplicate button. This will keep the formatting for each block, so all you'd need to do is click the "Change Event" button to swap in a new event!

Uploading New Event Images

You can upload new event images into the events block and use our built-in editor to add text on top of your images.

Drag and drop the "Events" content block into the desired location on your template, and choose your event.

In the righthand sidebar that populates, upload your new image into the template from your computer or by using the image url.

In the same right hand sidebar, click Apply Effects & More.

Here, you can crop, resize, or add filters/text to the image.

Adding Custom Event Descriptions

In the "Event Description" section of event block righthand sidebar, you can change and update the description.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop a text box underneath the event block if you want to bold/underline specific parts of the description rather than the entire thing!

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