Pre-built email journeys let you set up high-converting email automations in just a few clicks.

Sync your newsletter signups directly into Hive via a capture app such as a signup form, signup page, or the Hive SDK. Once you’ve decided how to capture your signups, you can send an automated email to your subscribers as soon as they join your mailing list.

Set Up a Pre-built Welcome Series Email Journey

  • Click Email Journeys in the left sidebar, click + New Email Journey
  • Click the Welcome journey block
  • Click Enters Segment
  • Type in and choose the segment that's associated with your signup capture app from the auto-fill dropdown

Note: Your signup capture app will automatically sync into a dedicated Hive segment no matter if it was created using a form, a page, or the SDK.

  • Click Save Trigger
  • Click the checkmark to add additional optional Global Rules - how subscribers will enter and continue in the journey
  • Click the "Welcome to the list!" icon to view the pre-configured email details, or swap in your own
  • Under "Welcome to the list!", scroll down to Template where you can edit the featured template, or swap in your own
  • Click Save Email to save any updates
  • Add additional steps by clicking the + (like follow ups after 1 week and 2 weeks) or click Save Email Journey to save the pre-built journey as-is.
  • Click the toggle in the top right beside Paused to set your journey live

You're finished! Your new subscribers will receive an email or series of emails from
you when they sign up for your list.

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