To set up an SMS automation, click Automations in the left sidebar of your Hive dashboard > + New Automation.

You can build it yourself from scratch, or choose from one of our pre-built SMS automations.

How to Build an SMS Automation From Scratch

1. Enter the Title of the automation that will appear internally in your dashboard and click Continue.

2. Select the Entry Trigger. This is the action that must occur for a customer to enter this automation (e.g; signs up for your mailing list, abandons a cart, etc)

3. Add any Global Rules to specify who enters and continues in the automation.

4. Click the + and select Time Delay to customise the delay between the entry trigger and the action.

5. Click the + and select SMS.

6. Configure the SMS details and draft your message. When complete, click Save SMS.

Note: When sending your first SMS, you must include an opt-out message which should include the word "STOP". This is mandatory only for your first SMS, but we recommend including it in every SMS.

7. Add any additional time delays, emails, SMS messages or splits you'd like to include in the automation.

8. When you're happy with how your automation is configured, click Save Automation in the top right corner, and switch it live!

Here's an example of an abandoned cart automation containing 4 time delays, 2 SMS messages and 2 emails:

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