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If you have a list of your contacts' phone numbers, you can import them directly into Hive via a CSV file so that you can send them SMS messages.

Before You Get Started

Phone Number Format

A contact's phone number must be formatted in one of the following ways:

+12345678910 or +1 123-456-7890

If a country code (e.g; +1) is not provided, we will automatically assume that it is a North American phone number. Please note that it is currently only possible to text North American based subscribers, though you may upload phone numbers with different country codes.

How to Import Phone Numbers

1. In your dashboard's lefthand sidebar, click Import Contacts > Upload CSV File.

2. Choose File

Drag the desired CSV file into the "Upload CSV File" field or click anywhere in the field to select a file from your computer. Once selected, hit continue.

Changing the Import Title of the CSV is optional, this can be a great way to organize CSVs as you will be able to search for these later by using the Contact List Filter "CSV Imports".

3. When your CSV has been added select "Continue"

Choose Columns to Import

1. You will need to determine first if the first row in your CSV is a header row which does not contain contact information.

Hive will automatically select "First row in CSV is a header row containing column names", if this is not the case for the CSV make sure to uncheck this box.

2. Next, you will need to assign a field name to each column which will show in Hive. Check out the full list of What data can be manually imported into Hive

3. Once this is done, select "Continue"

Choose Segments

To add the contacts from the CSV into an already existing segment, enter the segment name in the "Select a segment" field. Existing segments will show in a list below the field where a selection can be made.

If the segment hasn't been created yet, enter the new segment name and select "Create New Segment".

CSVs can be added to multiple segments upon upload. Once a selection has been made, click "Continue".

Confirm and Opt in Compliance

1. Confirm the CSV import details:

  • Internal title

  • Number of columns being imported

  • Segment name that the import is being added to

2. Verify that the list has been cleaned (contains < 4% invalids) by checking the Opt-in Compliance box

3. Verify that you've received explicit consent from these contacts to contact them via SMS.

Note: It is required that you have previously obtained consent from these subscribers, otherwise, you will not be able to text them. It is against TCPA regulations to market to contacts who have not explicitly opted-in to receive SMS communication from you.

5. When you're ready to import, click "Continue"

Note: When you import a new CSV, it may take up to 15 minutes to fully sync into your account. There are a few things happening in the backend:

  • Email addresses and phone numbers are validated

  • Invalid or outdated email addresses and phone numbers are flagged

  • Any duplicate subscriber profiles are synced

  • Publicly available data like full name, gender, location and age is added to individual subscriber profiles

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