Creating a Landing Page

Click Landing Pages in the left sidebar and use a pre-made landing page template or select Build Your Own

You'll now be able to customize your landing page using the drag and drop content blocks.

To use a content block, simply click Content in the right sidebar of the landing page editor, and then drag and drop the block you want to use into the landing page template.

Collecting Customer Information with Form Fields

Use the Form Fields to collect customer information. Choose from a variety of Field Form Input Types to make sure you're collecting the right data!

Building Subscription Preference Centers: Opt-in & Opt-out of Segment

Easily build and design your preference centre to let subscribers opt-in and out of segments.

Drag & drop the Segment Checkbox block into your landing page to get started. Then create an internal title for the segment; if a static segment with that title already exists in your Hive account, users who check that box will be added to the existing segment. If it does not already exist, a new static segment will be created.

Subscribers who check these boxes when filling out the form will be automatically added to the segment. When a box is unchecked - the subscriber will be automatically removed from that segment.

Note: Include a link to your preference centre in the footer of your email templates so subscribers can keep their preferences up to date. Check out the Save and Share Your Landing Page section to learn how to include your preference centre in your emails.

Additional Landing Page Features

Submit Button

  • Drag and drop a submit button onto your landing page to let users submit their information

Unsubscribe Button

  • Include an Unsubscribe button on your landing page to give subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe from your brand

Save and Share Your Landing Page

Once you've customized your landing page, click Save and Get URL in the bottom right corner. Customize your Landing Page URL by entering a Custom Subdomain and Custom URL Slug, then click save.

For preference centres: Copy & paste this link into the footer of your email. Hyperlink a button or text to share this URL with subscribers.

Note: You can use the same custom subdomain across many landing pages. Use a unique URL Slug for each of your landing pages.

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