Some examples of Custom User Properties include discount codes, group names, or whatever else helps you organize contacts and send them a personalized email campaign.

Note: Custom User Properties is a Beta feature, please reach out to to request adding this feature to your account.

Formatting Your CSV

Before importing your CSV into Hive, your CSV must have a column that has your Custom User Properties in it. The title will be what you'll use to identify your Custom User Property in Hive. For example, "Winter Coupon Code" is the title:

Import Your Custom User Properties

Click Import Contacts on the left side panel and choose Upload CSV file and begin the importing process.

Select the checkbox next to First Row is Header?

Select the column type Custom User Property for the column with your Custom User Properties. Then import your file.

Using the Custom User Property Filter

When building an email campaign, segment or filtering the contact list, select the filter User Info → click Custom User Property Exists or Custom User Property

Customer User Property Exists Filter

This filter will show anyone who has Custom User Property title in their user profile. For example, filtering for everyone with Custom User Property title "Winter Coupon Code" will show everyone who has a unique coupon code in their user profile.

Note: Since the feature is in beta, we recommend using the filter 'Custom User Property Exists' along with any other filters you use to send your email.

Note: See the screenshot below of a user with the Custom User Property title "Winter Coupon Code" in their user profile. Can click on any name in the Contact List to visit the user's profile

Custom User Property Exists

You can use this filter to search for the unique Custom User Property that exists in the customer's user profile

Using the Custom User Property Merge Tag in Templates

Click the Insert Merge Tags button in the Template editor

Under User/Recipient Merge Tags click the Customer User Property tag. The merge tag will be copied to your clipboard.

Paste the merge tag into a Text content block. Then insert your Custom User Property title into the tag, keeping the single quotation marks on either side of the Custom User Property title. Example:

{{ user.custom_user_property|name:'Winter Coupon Code' }}

When a subscriber has this Custom User Property, they will see their unique value (coupon code) in the email template where the merge tag is.

Previewing the Email as a Subscriber

When previewing the email campaign as a specific contact, make sure you're using the email address of someone who has that Custom User Property.

Note: See Hive's FAQ on using merge tags for more information

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