What is a Winback?

A Winback email automation sends an email with a catchy subject line designed to re-engage inactive subscribers. For subject line or template inspiration, check out our Ultimate Guide to Building an Effective Winback Series.

Who are Inactive Subscribers?

Hive automatically syncs subscribers into engagement level segments. If a subscriber is in the Inactive engagement level segment, this means they have not opened or clicked any of the past 10 email campaigns they've received.

Setting up a Winback Email Automation

On your Automations page, click the Email Engagement Winback block.

Click Enters Segment - Type in Inactive Subscribers, then click Save Trigger

Save Global Rules

Click Global Rules to decide how subscribers will stay in the automation if there are multiple steps. Typically, additional global rules are not needed for Winback automations, as the only requirement is that they've entered and have not exited the Inactive segment

Set Time Delay

The default time delay is 1 hour but can be changed depending on your strategy.

Customize Your Winback Email

Click the "Welcome to the list!" icon to view the pre-configured email details or swap in your own. Scroll down to Template where you can edit the featured template or swap in your own. Click Save Email to save any updates

Note: Include a button in your template that says "Keep me on the list" and link it to your homepage. A click in the email an inactive subscriber has opened is one of the top signals to ISPs (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) that they want to receive future emails, ensuring better placement in the future (think: less hitting the spam folder, more hitting the inbox!)

Turn Winback Automation On

Click the toggle in the top right beside Paused to set your automation live!

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