Either an email address or phone number is required for all CSV imports. In addition to manually importing subscriber data, you can also import past ticketing and ecommerce purchase data!

Note: Hive will automatically detect the type of data in each column (First Name, Email, etc.) - it’s best practice to check if the auto-selected types accurately reflect the data in the columns. Click the drop-down arrow to select the column type. If there are columns in your CSV that you do not want to be imported, select the “-” as the column type.

Importing Ticketing Data

If you have past ticket purchase data you want to import into Hive, you can upload your CSV’s on the Import Contact page > Upload Contact CSV File page.

The events from your CSV can be found on your Events page. You can use the contact list event filters to build segments based on purchase data in the CSV.

Required Columns for Importing Ticketing Data

  1. Event Title

  2. Ticket Order Date

  3. Ticket Price or Total Price

Importing Ecommerce Data

If you choose any columns types under the "Purchase Information" section, the following columns are also required:

  1. Item Name

  2. Total Paid

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