Note: The "View Email in Browser" link is disabled when viewing an email preview or when sending a test email. The link is enabled once an email campaign is sent.

How to Add "View Email in Browser" URL to Email Template

When editing your template, click the "Insert Merge Tags" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the template editor.

In the "Insert Personalize Merge Tags" pop-up, in the "Email/Campaign Merge Tags" section, click the merge tag Public "View Email in Browser" URL. This will copy the merge tag {{ email.public_url}} to your clipboard. Exit this pop-up to return to editing your template.

In your template, drag and drop a Text content block into your template. Type the text that you will hyperlink with the "View Email in Browser" merge tag. For example: View Email in Browser. Select this text and click the hyperlink icon.

In the "Insert/Edit Link" pop-up, paste the "View Email in Browser" merge tag into the "URL" textbox and click "Save".

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