To track which subscribers click on specific links in your email campaigns, you'll need to add a tracking parameter to your links. The tracking parameter is "HIVE_add_to_segment_name". When a subscribe clicks on a link that includes this tracking parameter, they will be automatically added to a segment. You can then filter your contact list for users in that segment to see who clicked specific links.

How to Add Tracking Parameter to Your Links

We recommend using this tool to add the tracking parameters to your links. We will use the example of adding anyone who clicks the link "" to be added to a segment called "VIP Segment".

Paste the link you want to track into the "Base URL" textbox and then click the "Add Query Pair" button

Paste "HIVE_add_to_segment_name" into the "Query Name" textbox

Type in the name of the segment that you want users to enter into the "Value" text box

Copy and paste the "Encoded URL" into your template. This is the URL that you will be using in your templates instead because now it has the tracking parameters attached to it.

Note: If you type a segment name into the "Value" textbox and that segment does not already exist in your Hive account, a new static segment will be created.

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