This FAQ will guide you through sending automated emails before and after every scheduled event.

On your Automations page, select the pre-built default automation; Pre/Post-Event Reminder Email

Next, click the Global Rules step, click Continue to save without adding any global rules.

Note: Global rules are rules that are evaluated at each step to determine which customers continue in the automation. If you want all customers to receive a pre/post event reminder for each event, save without adding any global rules.

Next, adjust the time delay to your preference for the pre-event email. The default is 24 hours before an event. Then click Save.

Next, edit the Email Details of your pre-event email.

Note: To include the name of the event the subscriber has purchased a ticket for in the subject line, include the merge tag {{ }} . This merge tag will automatically display the name of the event that the subscriber has purchased a ticket for once they've received the email.

Next, scroll down and click Edit to edit the template that all subscribers will receive.

The template editor will open up in a new window.

Note: As noted in the red help text in the default template, the event block in the GIF below is required to have in your template. When the subscribe receives this pre-event email, the event block will automatically populate with the event that the subscriber purchased a ticket for. To have the template automatically populate with the name of the event, keep the merge tag {{ }} in the template.

To preview what the customer will see in their inbox, click the Preview Email button in the bottom left corner and preview as a specific contact who has purchased a ticket for an upcoming show.

Repeat the above steps for customizing your post-event email. If you do not want to send a post-event email, you can delete the steps from the automation.

Click Save Automation button and toggle the automation to Live.

Note: If your subscribers have purchased tickets to multiple events, they will receive multiple pre/post-event emails for each event.

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