Anyone who sends any SMS message to your dedicated Hive phone number will be automatically added to your contact list. You can find your Hive phone number under Settings > Edit SMS Settings.

To send an SMS message to subscribers who text a keyword:

On the Automations page, click the Keyword SMS Auto Responses pre-built automation option.

Click Sends you SMS message with keyword and type in the keyword that you want your subscribers to text.

Note: The inbound SMS message a subscriber sends must match the exact keyword or key phrase as specified. For example, if the key phrase is "Country pop", and the subscriber sends the message "I love country pop", this will not trigger the automation. You can only use a single keyword or phrase per automation

Next, add Global Rules if applicable. Global rules are rules evaluated at each step of the automation. For this example, no global rules need to be added since we want all users who text the keyword to receive the SMS reply.

Next, click Send SMS to edit the message your subscribers will receive after texting the keyword.

Click Save Automation and click the toggle to Live to turn on your SMS automation.

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