Your new subdomain will be the email address you'll send marketing emails from. You can find subdomains as a prefix in front of a primary domain. For example, the “mail” in is the subdomain, and the "" is the primary domain. To learn more about why using a subdomain will boost your open & click rate, check out this blog!

Getting Started

*Make sure you or someone on your team (likely the person who manages your website) has access to your DNS registrar/provider and your Hive account.


  • It can take 24 to 48 hours for DNS changes to propagate

  • Until your domain is verified, emails will be sent from a subdomain

  • If your domain still isn't verified after 48 hours, please email

1. Add your Subdomain to your Hive Account

On your Email Settings page, type in the address you'd like to use in the Custom "From" Email Address section then click Save.

Your subdomain should be in the format of:

[something] @ [subdomain]

Note: "subdomain" is not an example, but simply a placeholder for the subdomain you choose

Below are some common examples of subdomains you can use:

Example: If your company is Hightown Media, and your website/email domain is "" then the format of your subdomain could be

Once you've clicked Save, the page will refresh and your custom domain settings will populate in Hive. In order to let Hive send emails from your custom subdomain, you need to add the records that populate in Hive to your DNS provider.

2. Add your CNAME/TXT Records to your DNS Provider.

Choose your specific provider from the dropdown to see the records formatted for your provider. Then copy and paste each of the 4 records to your DNS provider as each of these will need to be added for Hive to verify your domain.

Editing the DNS settings of Common Providers

Here are third-party step-by-step guides for adding records to common DNS registrars. These instructions are generally for subdomains in URLs but the instructions to add TXT and CNAME records are the same.

Once you’ve added the values from Hive to your DNS provider and they’ve propagated, your domain will be verified!

Still not sure where to add the TXT/CNAME records? Click here for further instructions based on your DNS provider.

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