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Getting Started

For bulk importing contacts into Hive, the contact data will need to be a .CSV file (comma-separated value). A CSV allows data to be stored in a table-structured format.

CSV files can be exported from most email marketing platforms, or from platforms like Excel and Google Sheets.

To upload your CSV, select "Import Contacts".

The Import Contacts page offers a number of integration options that can pull real-time customer data into Hive. You can also add contacts one at a time by clicking + Manually Add Contact in the Import Contacts sidebar.

Once ready, select the "Upload CSV File" option on the Import Contacts page.

Choose File

Drag the desired CSV file into the "Upload CSV File" field or click anywhere in the field to select a file from your computer. Once selected, hit continue.

Changing the Import Title of the CSV is optional, this can be a great way to organize CSVs as you will be able to search for these later by using the Contact List Filter "CSV Imports".

Choose Columns to Import

The first step when selecting columns is to determine whether or not the first row in your CSV contains the Column names.

Hive will automatically select "First row in CSV is a header row containing column names", if this is not the case for the CSV make sure to uncheck this box.

Next, based on the preview data of the CSV, assign a Field Name to each column to be labelled as in Hive.

There are a number of different field name categories to choose from for various pieces of customer data.

  • User Personal Details

  • User Location Data

  • Purchase Information - Is for e-Commerce purchase data

  • Ticket Purchase Information - These fields are specifically for ticketing data

  • Advanced Options - This allows for the upload of Custom User Properties

  • Other

Check out the full list of What data can be manually imported into Hive

Once finished setting up the CSV fields for import, select continue.

Choose Segments

To add the contacts from the CSV into an already existing segment, enter the segment name in the "Select a segment" field. Existing segments will show in a list below the field where a selection can be made.

If the segment hasn't been created yet, enter the new segment name and select "Create New Segment".

CSVs can be added to multiple segments upon upload. Once a selection has been made, click continue.

Confirm & Import CSV File

This last step shows an overview of the CSV upload before confirmation.

  • Internal Title

  • Number and Type of columns being imported

  • Number and Names of segments being imported

Finally, there is an Opt-in Compliance checkbox that verifies that all invalid email addresses have been removed from the CSV.

If the CSV isn't clean, check out the article here on Why Did My CSV Import Fail?

After checking the Opt-in Compliance box, select continue and the CSV will upload.

The CSV can take up to 15 minutes to fully sync into the account.

Uploaded information will only be available to admins in the account.

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