Markdown is a lightweight text formatting syntax. Markdown is often used to format messages in online discussion forums and publishing tools.


Paragraphs are separated by an empty line. Starting text on a new line will not start a paragraph unless there is a full empty line between it and any previous text. Non-paragraph line breaks can be used by ending a line with two spaces.


Text can be italicized by wrapping it with *single asterisks* or _single underscores_.


Text can be bolded by wrapping it with **double asterisks** or __double underscores__.


Text can be crossed out by wrapping it with ~~double tildes~~.


We support two sizes of headers. Headers can be achieved by writing a # single hash or ## double hash on a new line as follows:

# This is the largest header

## This is the second-largest header


Markdown supports two types of lists. To make an ordered list, start a line with a number followed by a period. To make an unordered list, start a line with '-' and then a space. 

  1. Ordered list item #1

  2. Ordered list item #2

  3. Ordered list item #3

  • Unordered list item #1

  • Unordered list item #2

  • Unordered list item #3

Links can be written using the following syntax: 

For example:

Horizontal lines

You can create a horizontal line with a paragraph with 3 or more dashes ('-').

Some content before a horizontal line


Some content after a horizontal line

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