If your email list import fails validation, it means your list contains greater than 4% invalid email addresses.

Note: If your email import list is small (<100 email addresses), a small number of invalid emails can make your list fail validation.

If you send an email campaign to invalid email addresses, your deliverability will decrease, which is bad news! This is why we ensure up front that all email addresses imported into Hive are active and ready to send to.

What happens when you import your emails into Hive

When you import a list of emails, the list goes through a service called NeverBounce. NeverBounce checks the deliverability of your list and assigns it a score. If the score is high enough, your list will be imported to Hive! If the score is too low, the import will not be completed, in which case, you can sign up for NeverBounce to clean your list.

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