Email reporting gives you insight into the ROI of your email campaigns. Find out how your email campaigns performed by clicking Email Campaigns in the left sidebar > View Reporting on any of your previously sent campaigns.

For email automations, find reporting by clicking Automation in the left sidebar > View Reporting on any of your live automations.

Here's a breakdown of the metrics you'll see:

Open rate

Open rates vary depending on lots of different factors, like the size of your list, your subject line, and how you collected your email addresses. On average, a good open rate is 20 - 40%. 

Have low open rates? Here are some tips: How To Send Great Emails


Click-through-rate measures how many people clicked on one of the links in your email out of the people who opened your email. A good click-through rate is 20 - 30%.

Unsubscribe and spam complaints

A high number of unsubscribe or spam complaints likely mean that your content or offers aren’t relevant to your email list. If you’re receiving higher than 2% on either your unsubscribe or spam complaints, double check that you’ve received consent to market to your list. You may also want to consider scrubbing your list to remove old addresses with low activity. 

Want to target your emails to make sure they’re more relevant? Find out more here

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate tells you the number of people that received your email and then performed an intended action like making a purchase, visiting your website, or signing up for your service.

You can connect Shopify, Eventbrite, or upload a CSV with purchase data to see the connection between emails sent and conversion in Hive.

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