The value of a contest really lies in following up with everyone that entered. Don’t let them go! This is a powerful and important step to keep your list engaged and eventually convert them into buyers.

Some ideas for follow up:

Offer a small consolation prize 

If you have the budget to delight your participants with a small prize even if they didn’t win, this is a great way to build brand loyalty! For example, if the prize was a year of your product or service, offer a month free! Or if the prize was a $500 shopping spree and you sell swimsuits, offer free bikini bottoms to anyone who purchases a top.

Offer a discount code 

If offering an actual consolation prize is out of reach (it could be pretty expensive!), one option you have is to send your participants a coupon code for entering - it can be a small amount (like 15% off), but it still gives your audience more incentive to keep signing up for your contests - and makes them feel good.

Run more giveaways

Target the people who entered previous giveaways by sending a promotional email with your new contest to the people in your list who entered past ones.

Run social ads

Check out the demographics of your contest entrants and promote your new contest to those demos (e.g. Hive can tell you if the most people who entered your contest are 18 to 24-year-old females in the United States).

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