To set up an email automation, click Email Automations in the left sidebar > + New Email Automation.  

You can create a Build-It-Yourself Email Automation from scratch or if you connect Shopify, you'll get a few customizable email automations, right out of the box, including:

  • Abandoned cart 

  • Browse abandonment 

  • New customer thank you

  • Customer winback

How to Build an Email Automation from Scratch

  1. Enter the title of the automation that will appear internally in your dashboard

  2. Select the trigger that starts the automation

  3. Add any rules to specify who enters and continues in the automation

  4. Customize the time delay between the trigger and action

  5. Choose the email template, subject line and preview text

  6. Any additional delays and emails you'd like to send 

Here's an example of an abandoned cart email automation with four time delays and four emails.

Note: If you haven’t created a template, create a new one or edit a default template by clicking Templates in the left sidebar.

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