's data gives you a comprehensive look at your followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify. By using the APIs available from each of these networks, we’re able to determine who follows you, likes your content, comments, retweets and more. When we encounter a new follower, these APIs give us access to basic information about them, which we assemble into the profiles you see within

What data are we able to collect?

The data we can provide differs across each platform. Here’s what you can expect to see after connecting the following networks:

  • Facebook: see each of your followers that have engaged with your content by liking or commenting.
  • Twitter: see all of your followers and how they are engaging with your Tweets.
  • Instagram: see all of your followers that engage with your posts by liking and commenting.
  • SoundCloud: see each of your followers that engage with your tracks by favoriting or commenting.
  • YouTube: see each of your followers and the videos that they are commenting on.
  • Spotify: see fans that are listening to your music, if they have connected their Spotify accounts to

Each of these platforms makes basic, public info available on these followers – info that you could find through Google if you tried. Then by using heuristics, some tricky algorithms, and a little bit of magic, we map an individual's accounts across different social networks, connecting them to each other and inferring other insights like gender and location.

Once we've created profiles for all of your followers,’s reporting shows their location, what their interests are, and how engaged they are with you as a brand. The thing that makes these insights extra powerful is our ability to connect the dots between each of the individual social networks, giving a global perspective.

How can I use these insights?

Here's a few ideas to get you going:

  • Leverage your most influential followers to get further distribution and enter new online communities.
  • Use the fan map to determine where you should be focusing geographically. Discover new markets that you had no idea existed.
  • Create custom follower lists and learn about those groups to help you target ads and your content.
  • Identify valuable follower profiles and discover their common interests and characteristics. Use these insights to find more people just like them.
  • Check out which other brands your fans are highly engaged with to arrange support and partnerships.
  • Perform competitor analysis to identify where other brands & artists are succeeding, view key followers that you can convert and online interests that you should be targeting.

How can I get more information on my followers?

By default, can show you publicly available information on your followers. In many cases, you might want to know more about these people. You might want to be able to market to them in more personal ways over email and other channels. This is where's marketing suite comes in.'s marketing suite gives you tools to run campaigns that offer your followers a chance to engage directly, creating a full profile for each of them, complete with their email and consent to market. Here's an overview of these tools, and how they can be used:


  • Contests are one of the best ways to get your followers to interact with you. Giving followers a chance to win product or a unique experience is an inexpensive way to increase engagement and build your email address book. You're also able to encourage entrants to follow you and share across different platforms, helping you build your reach.
  • For every person that enters a contest, you reveal a full profile for one of your key followers.

Data imports:

  • If you already have an email list, past purchaser data, or other data stores, this is a really quick way to get more information within
  • We can import your data for you and cross reference our data, adding location, social media profiles and online interest data for many of those people.
  • To do this, email us a CSV of the data you’d like imported.
  • IMPORTANT: To import email addresses you must have consent to market to those people! Once they're in the system you'll be able to email them via our bulk emailer, which we can only allow you to do given consent. This cannot be stressed enough. If you’ve accumulated data in other ways on people that were not aware of such data capture and that have not given you consent to market to them, we legally cannot help you contact these people.


  • Allowing your followers to download or access an exclusive piece of content in exchange for connecting with their email address is a great way to build your address book.

Signup Widgets:

  • Anywhere that you ask followers to join your newsletter or fan club, can help you pull even more insight on the people engaging. Our signup widgets and pages allow you to create custom forms where followers can connect socially, giving you an email address and richer data on that fan.
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